DPA Launch Covered by Forbes

For those who have not already seen it, the DPA launch made Forbes today. The article was authored by the Hon. John Goglia, an internationally-known aviation safety expert, nine-year NTSB Member, (as well as the only A&P mechanic ever to receive presidential appointment to the NTSB), and current contributor to both Aviation International News and Forbes. The DPA is very fortunate to have Mr Goglia as one of its several advisors.

Drone Activist Launches Pilot Association To Represent Interests Of Small Commercial Operators

Source: Forbes


Hello fellow drone pilots, and welcome to the Drone Pilots Association, created to represent the interests of all commercial and non-hobbyist drone pilots. We’re brand new, and this site will likely change as time goes on. For now, the only thing here is up in the menu above― Join the DPA. It’s free.